Tacx Flux S. Quick release for mtb. Trek hardtal convert.

I am planning on buying a tacx flux s to use with my old trek superfly 6 2015, 10 speed. It has 135x5 quick release, but since it has the trek hardtail convert dropout the tacx quickrelease skewer is too short for this bike. Can I use the trek quickrelease skewer of my bike or must I use only tacx skewer?

  • Hi,

    Any 5mm diameter QR axle will do. I have a 2015 Scott Spark with a 135mm QR axle and the one that came with the Tacx works well for this bike. What is not going so well is that it touches the bracket of the brake caliper of the frame with the plastic of the roller, obviously on the left side. That can be a bigger problem on MTB frames with a 135mm QR axle and disc brakes, depending on the design and location of the brake caliper bracket.


  • Thaks. I used my Trek quick release skewer and it works fine. There is also enough space for the caliper on the Flux S.

    The skewer that came with the trainer doesn't work. It is to small for Trek's convert dropouts.