Flux S - Advice regarding ANT+ HR connectivity

Hi all,

I am new to this smart trainer thing and trying to navigate my way through it all.

I am using a Tacx Flux S and here are a few things I have tried so far.....

* Connected Power and Cadence from Flux S directly to Garmin Fenix 5s but watch doesn't detect/calculate any speed or distance so isn't great.

* Used Tacx Flux S with Tacx App on iPhone, seems decent but can't get heart rate up on screen or included in my data so also not perfect.

* Used Tacx Flux S with RGT App on iPhone, had Mac set up with RGT Screen app also with ANT+ USB plugged in hoping that would allow the HR to be detected but also never worked

Basically I want to use one device or app and see all data that then uploads to strava as one file. I understand that I may need to use a bluetooth heart rate monitor but already having ANT+ devices up and running I was hoping that I can get my HR into the action also.

Can anyone help?


  • Don’t think the first scenario would work.  Assume you are using OHR rather than separate HR strap etc, in which case For scenario 2 and 3 you probably need to set the Fenix to broadcast HR.  Don’t have a Fenix but that’s how it works with vivoactive 3.

  • Hi, thanks for the response. No I have only tried with the chest strap as I find the optical quite erratic at times. I may try broadcasting the heart rate actually, thanks for that suggestion. I forgot all about that feature although I have seen it crop up in other discussions in the past. 

    The first thing I mentioned works on a Watt Bike, it provides distance and speed etc which is why i was disappointed that it never worked on the trainer. 

    Thanks for that suggestion! 

  • I use a MacBook Pro and Fenix 6. It is easy to connect HR with TacX Training App but when I start a training the HR "freezes" so I cycle the whole track (film) with e.g. 89 hrpm (would be nice ...). Any idea what this could be? Tx, Thomas