Tacx Flux S - Belt driven flywheel clearly faulty

Hi guys,

Hoping I have more success getting a response on here than the Tacx support e-mail.

I'm now on my second Flux S. The first one squeaked like hell and now so does the second. Please see video: https://we.tl/t-Pm6MUk5pPQ

I have wasted countless time e-mailing support, sending back the first trainer, waiting for the second one to arrive and now I am expected to go through the same process for the same model. All during times I actually need to use it.

Looking at the forums hundreds of people have had this issue as well. 

All I have been offered is the same belt driven flywheel model that is obviously faulty. My friend also has the same trainer and the same issue. It has wasted so much of my time and effort. If I can't get a response on here I'll be getting a refund from the supplier and buying a Wahoo. The Tacx support has been absolutely shocking. I can't express how disappointed I have been with this product and the responses from Tacx support so far.

Many thanks,