Tacx Flow + Forerunner 255. Different values (Speed / distance) and duplicate activities.

I have connect my Tacx Flow with my forerunner 255 watch (Got Cad, Pwr and Spd External Sensors).

Then started an indoor bike activity in my clock and a movie in Tacx app.

In the end I got two different activities in Garmin. 

Question 1: Is is possible to get the activities merged? Because in Indoor Cycling activity (Watch) I get  Time in Heart Rate Zones, Training Effect information and in the Tacx activity I get Power, Elevation information. I would like to mantaine all indicators. 

Question 2: In the 2 activities the cadence has the same value but the speed and distance have diferente values. in Indoor Cycling activity (Watch) I got  20.9 avg speed -  43.76 km but in Tacx activity I Got 26.5 avg speed - 55.01km. Is this normal? Why this happens? witch one is correct? 

Thanks in advance