Tacx Flow Smart - “Spinning out of Control”

My friends, hello and good evening to you all! I have a Tacx Flow Smart, and honestly, although it has been calibrated by my Garmin Edge 530, it really feels like I’m spinning only against air! That is to say, there is virtually no resistance unless I’m going up a very steep hill, but on flat land, I really don’t feel anything and I have to really “spin” just to get up to a decent speed.

I’m used to riding on rollers, where your actual weight is the resistance much like riding outdoors. I would not necessarily say I’m a “grinder” per se, but I’m getting a crazy cadence and hardly moving.

Has anyone else had this issue or a similar one? Is the light flywheel the problem? And what do you fine folk suggest?

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you’re all having a fantastic evening!!

  • Have you calibrated against the Tacx Training App either on smart phone, tablet or computer? My experience is that calibration against the 530 can be done with almost no pressure against the bike tyre resulting in a very light resistance and thus high cadence / speed whereas calibration against the app requires a lot of tightening of the blue knob at the back of the unit meaning high pressure against the tyre and a lot  (too much?) of resistance. Calibration issues via the app are among the most complained about in this forum.

  • Hello L.Rouge, thanks for your thoughtful response! I will try using the app this evening and keep you posted!

    Very best regards,