whats the right Tacx E-Thru axle??

Hi Guys, im new here hoping to find some answers here! 

About two weeks ago i set up the Tacx flow, but when i mounted the tacx axle it didnt go as smooth as expected and now having detached it and tried to put in my old axle it won't go as smooth. I think i messed some stuff up. 

But i want to find the right axle for my bike so this doesnt happen again!

I have a cannondale caad 13 105  and the axle it had is:

I bought the tacx T1707, but as it should be m12 x 1.0 but i think it isnt. Doest anybody know what i do need ? 

https://www.12gobiking.nl/tacx-e-thru-steekas-adapter   (the axle i bought)