Tacx Flow Smart started making noise when spinning up.

See video below for example of the noise. Sounds like something is caught in the fan but nothing obvious.


  • Same here. See vid. Sounds like something stuck in fan but cant find it :/

    my trainer: https://vimeo.com/548806432

    someone else's trainer: https://vimeo.com/462315264

    could this be the bearings? 

    someone on youtube suggested screwing on the little metal part that the wheels connects to

    see here (last faq / image with the holes - it says to put powerful glue there) - anyone did that? support.garmin.com/.../

    I opened the casing, could not find what is causing this...  my neighbor is very unhappy with this noise

    Also note the strategic cooling fan bolted on with duct tape ;) the poor thing overheats on long climbs in zwift with high watt / low rpm

    any hints would be appreciated, I really cant afford a neo2t 

  • I have the same issue. Put thousands of miles on the turbo over lockdown and it’s now measuring around 85db. I’m anticipating complaints from neighbours 

  • Check the resistance unit casing which is in two parts with tabs holding them together, the halves can become misaligned if knocked or handled and only a slight misalignment will cause a loud noise then the unit turns

  • I raised a case with support - they are offering me a resistance unit (motor) replacement at ~80% of the new price (the trainer is outside warranty at 3,5 years). Not happy, but still better than any of the alternatives

    lets see how this plays out

  • Thanks. The casing appears to be aligned but can notice that what I’m presuming is a metal flywheel that holds the magnets (?) is slightly out of true. 
    looked into the epoxy fix as the metal runner clicks a bit if pressed. Epoxy will arrive today and I’ll give it a go. 
    For what it is, the turbo does it’s job. I was going to buy a flux s last year but was pretty impatient and picked this up. Would much rather spend money on a new set of wheels Joy 

  • I had exactly this problem - figured out it was the housing being very slightly misaligned, though possibly the mechanism inside has gone slightly off centre since I bought it. I tried unscrewing it but I couldn't get the plastic motor cover off and didn't want to use too much force in case I broke it. I found I could stop the noise by pulling slightly on the plastic motor cover. I've now got an old shoe lace tied around the plastic motor cover and up to the blue axle tab so that the shoe lace can apply the slight pulling force and I can cycle in peace.