Tacx smart flow brake resistance remaining on when going downhill after long climb

I have recently started to ride long climbs , > 20 minutes and noticed that the brake resistance does not release when getting to a flat spot or a downhill after the climb - actually it feels harder down than up - which is crazy.  Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix.  I have read a lot about resistance drop outs, but this is the opposite.

The unit is setup in my garage , so this time of the year its cold - so it can't be overheating in these conditions. Can it?

Any help or guidance appreciated.

  • I am also using the iPad app but I seem to have the opposite problem. After a long climb, the resistance drops as expected on the downhill, but when I start another climb the resistance does not increase. In my case the issues appears to be a problem with the training software itself. I have noticed that it occurs after I have completed a sub-activity within a ride and then go on to start another sub-activity within the same ride. However, if a  choose a completely different ride, I don't experience this issue. I have tried a variety of other trainer apps and never experienced this problem. So in my opinion this issue is specific to the TacX training app and the developers need to sort it out.