Tacx Satori Smart


Satori Smart is not listed so decided to ask here.

I've got my WIN 10 laptop with Bluetooth and it didn't see my trainer, so I bought ANT+ antena and managed to connect, shows that trainer broadcasts speed, cadence, power.

But, when I start pedaling speed in Tacx Desktop app is the same as in my garmin 530, cadence the same, but there's no power data at all in desktop app, all works in mobile.

What's the problem?

  • Hello,

    I have similar problems with my basic smart trainer Tacx T2400 Satori.

    Since October 2020 then I've done daily exercises on Tacx App, RGT cycling and Rouvy, and after approximately 1 month (probably 14 days ago) started troubles with bluetooth connections. I've had the Bluetooth connection drop out with a few KM to go after 5 - 10 minutes of exercing. 

    Very often that happened when I used change the resistence by handlebar mount. Sometimes bluetooth were stable when I used level 1 or 10 of resistence, but now is unstable very often without any logical reasons and levels of resistence.

    I changed also battery in my trainer. Many times calibrated by Tacx app. Updated all apps and of course also update of firmware in Tacx utility app.

    When I checked device in testing dashboard everything looks well and all controlling symbols works good, but sometimes indicator of intensity of connection of bluetooth change from full for 1-2 commas.

    Also I update my Iphone (6s plus) on latest version IOS 14.3., but problems are on-going. What I can´t understand is that usually I have in setting of bluetooth on my iphone paired some other bluetooth accessories, but Satori Tacx is not paired and usually is drop out during my exercices. Very frustrating, and I was close to throwing my smart Tacx trainer out the window.

    When the signal drops out, the watts readout reads -- as does cadence. Looking in the RGT or Tacx App pairing screen, it still shows Tacx Satori with the describtion as a Connecting,  or NO SIGNAL. I have to unpair and pair again a few times before the signal comes back, and that takes about few seconds to reestablish.

    Can you please assist? Is it software based problem or I need to claim and return the Tacx Smart device?