Can't get contact to 28" wheel in 28" hole

Hi everyone,

I just got the Flow and ran into a problem setting it up. When I use the 28" holes in position one, there barely is any contact between the machine and the wheel. If i continue adjusting the distance further more, the screw falls out of its counter piece. I now started using the 26" holes, though there is barely any clearance between the wheel and the machine, when it is not attached yet. Has anyone had this issue as well?

I use Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Hometrainer tires (ETRTO 23-622) and measured about 680mm diameter (roughly). 

This is the 26" setting on the 28" tire when loose:

I also did a little video for the german Garmin support. It is in German, though:

Thanks in advance,

  • Here is the solution: Position 1 is meant to use the upper holes on both sides of the frame. The video and the manual are not clear on that / are misleading. Changing the positions does not rotate the brake unit around the rod, rather it is shifting it in a linear way. If this is obeyed, there is no problem with the positioning screw and contact pressure.

  • Hi,

    I'm French and I don't speak very well. Anyway I have the exact same issue with a 27,5'' x 1.25 Tacx training tyre.

    In position one, there's no contact between the wheel and the unit and in position 2, it looks like it is always too tight. I have the same problem with the screw.

    Can you explain how you solved it? I'm not sure to understand.



  • Just look at what I explained. Install it with both screws on both sides of the tube in the upper position.

  • After much search I stumbled upon your answer. I had cracked my brains all over this during the weekend when I installed my Tacx Flow Smart trainer. I couldn't get a decent pressure on the wheel. Then I noticed after reading your comment that the unit had been attached in the bottom hole at the back of the frame. Dumb! The unit is now in both upper holes and it works like a charm! Thanks!