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Tacx flow orange led!

During the last update seems like the process did not finish correctly. after that, orange led was still..... now the tacx utility app did not show any device.... please help

  • Hello,

    i have the same problem, home trainer blocked on orange led. Impossible to connect the home trainer. Please  help..!

  • Still waiting........

  • hello, I broke the solution by removing all TACX applications from my phone and tablet, I waited 10 minutes and re-downloaded the TACX utility app. a new update has been made and there the home trainer normallyfuncts the LED is green. I was able to calibrate my TACX and then download TACX training. Everything works..., I do not say thank you to TACX for its help.....

  • hello i think I have solved this- turn off any bluetooth on your watch, your laptop, your phone, or any other device. Then turn on the bluetooth for your phone only. You may have tried to connect to more than one device and it cannot handle it. Then do a firmware update on tacx utility with your phone. It should now work