Time zone Garmin connect

when I import activity with the tacx software & a smart connect home trainer i no longer have the times in the display areas in garmin connect

yet some weeks ago they were displaying well
  • I just notices that there's a gap in the activity data, mainly triggered by a discrepancy between the timezone of where the virtual activity takes place, and the timezone where the user is located at the Tim oof upload (which for a large number of users, is not the same location as the route itself). 

    I was able to change the activity date/time, and then the timezone. But it appears that as I did both manually, in that order (because I did not knew I could change the timezone of the activity after it was uploaded...) perhaps it takes is as a kind of tampering and it doesn't count towards certain metrics within the Connect platform. 

    I'll keep playing around to see what's up with that, but I wanted to throw in my two cents. I was looking for info about time/date/uploads and metric registration but couldn't find any usable info about this.