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Any news about next generation? Vivosmart 5

Hi Guys, any news about new Vivosmart? I have V4 and it’s just about to retire. Battery is very weak, display with dead lines etc. Surprisingly still works, but I need a new one! 

  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback. There are quite few users curious but as for now we have no new updates regarding a device but if and when we do it will be posted on

  • Like others have said, there is a demand for something slim like the Whoop or Oura. 

    I want all day tracking, but I have a watch I would rather wear. 

  • A while ago I posted that Target said the vivosmart 4 was discontinued but a moderator said it’s not. Today I somehow ended up seeing the Garmin Philippines site & it lists the VS4 as a discontinued product 

  • Vivosmart 4 is Great as ist is. The only thing i Would like to See  on Vivosmart 5 is a changeable Band and a „tougher“ construction. No Need for standalone gps, it only drains battery. Connected gps is Great!!!

    My battery blows up 3 times, the Band is Broken one time and i lost the Metal Ring 2 times.

    Garmin Changed it all During warranty.

    So, Best fitnesstracker in my opinion!!!

  • I bought my first smart band 5 years ago, and I'll never switch back to a smartwatch.

    I bought my first road bike and a Garmin Edge 830 a few months ago, and I'm looking for a smart band that supports ANT+ and can broadcast my HR and SpO2.

    A Vivosmart 5 with a changeable band, better display, advanced software features (body battery, sleep score, etc), and NFC would be mine at day 0!

    Note:: I know there are a lot of Garmin smartwatches w/ the features I listed, but they're too big and not comfortable to sleep with or to play sports.

  • I agree, something that looks like a fashion wristband without a screen but still with all the metrics would be much appreciated. There is nothing on the market that meets this criteria. If Oura ring can do it as a ring, I'm sure it would be possible as unobtrusive wristband.

    I'd even sacrifice battery size, GPS and NFC payments, leaving just vibrating notifications if it doesn't look out of the place when wearing formal or smart casual clothing. Metal, sapphire glass or ceramic body, possibly even with choice of precious metals, and interchangeable straps would be great. Generally just something for every watch enthusiast to wear on the same or other hand as the classic watch, but without it feeling and looking cheap and plastic.

  • Something like the UP24 back in the days. Who needs a screen :-)

  • Listen to this guy!!!

  • That is the answer from Garmin to the question about a new device - "We can not comment on any unreleased devices. Some of our models mark the end of a device line and will not be continued, but we do not have formal announcements for when this happens. I do understand that this may cause frustration and I apologize for this"