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Vivomove Trend Charging Issues.

My Vivomove Trend has stopped charging.

When I attach the charger, the watch face shows that it is charging for around 30 seconds, then I get the warning triangle, my Trend vibrates and returns to the watch face.

I have tried the charger in 2 separate power connectors plus my laptop and it does the same thing with all of them. I have cleaned the contact points on the charger and the watch with mild detergent and also with my camera lens cleaner. There's no visible damage to the charger cord or connector. The Trend itself is working properly and the green sensor lights do not flash or glow when the watch is connected to the charger.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • I have the same issue. My watch is only 5 month old 

  • This is normal. If you see your whatch home screen with the charge icon you will see like you are not doing any charge.... but if you go to the right (where you have the paymant button, search phone and so on) you will see that the watch is charging.

    The issue is in the home complications icons that are not reflecting the real charging status.

    Hope it helps.