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My VivoMove Trend is dead after 2 weeks

Hello everyone ,

I bought a VivoMove Trend 2 weeks ago , charged it on a laptop USB C port with slow charging currents , all good and well till yesterday ... When the watch literally stopped working and it is not charging ... 

I didn't checked if the wireless charging is working , but i tried to plug it in other laptop , also in a USB C port with slow charging rate (i was told not to fast charge the watch) , also without luck ... 

I think i will try to have it replaced , but it is a shame for a brand like Garmin to have such problems . 

Has anyone experienced this till now ? 

  • Hello

    Do you have connection with garmin app? If yes, please try to change autobrightness to off an select 5 or 6. I had a similar problem but it was the autobrightnes sensor.

  • Mine also stopped charging in 2 weeks. Was already not comfortable with the watch due to multiple factors such as

    • No Garmin Pay support for my card
    • Glass getting scratched easily
    • Display issues (steps display not proper in certain scenarios).
    • Not enough customizations
    • Finally stopped charging through cable. Wireless charging works but stuck at 4 Percent

    Not sure what kind of testing is being conducted on this watch. The only good thing is it failed in the return window itself. Hence returned and bye bye Garmin..