VivoFit Jr3 Screen brightness - Not

Just purchased a Vivofit Jr3 and also complained of screen brightness with or without backlight.  These do NOT display the same brightness levels as are shown on all of Garmin's advertising photos/videos, and should be considered false advertising. 

It appears that this has been an issue in several devices for several years now. 

Without a solution to change contrast, background or increase brightness it is a disappointment for as good a company as Garmin (at least I thought).

  • The vivofit jr 3 uses a "sunlight-visible, transflective 64-color memory-in-pixel (MIP)" display. This is the same display used in Garmin watches at over 10 times the cost. This type of display is made for outdoor activities, so the more light that shines on it, the easier it is to read. Much better than a regular LCD for readability outdoors, as that needs a backlight to read. And much better for battery life.

    If your use of the vivofit Jr 3 is primarily for indoors, then I would suggest returning the device for a refund and finding something more suitable to your needs.

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain your product further.  I would suggest that this type of information is provided in the item description (at least a condensed version) as nothing is currently stated and would resolve any confusion or customer frustration. Either that or bump the price and extra $5 and increase backlighting/contrast. 

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain your product further.

    You're welcome, but I'm not a Garmin employee, just a customer for the past 15 years.Slight smile If you wish to discuss this issue with Garmin, I suggest doing it directly via phone or chat starting with the Garmin Support Center.

  • Sadly, they were worthless and could not explain their product as succinctly as you did, as I did contact them first for a 20 min chat. Again, thanks!

  • I apologize the support you received was not what you hoped it would be. I have sent some feedback regarding the brightness display on the boxes vs the actual device and being able to adjust the brightness on the device itself. The reason for not having the option on the device is to save the battery life. If there is anything else I can do for you, I am happy to DM you and we can work together! 

  • Hello Amber,

    We recently purchased this and are extremely disappointed at how misleading the display is on the marketing material of this watch. We can appreciate the fact the brightness is dulled down 'to save battery' however it is barely legible indoors and our daughter is constantly growing frustrated at needing to hold the button down to view details indoors. As we have opened it and used it, we can no longer return it. We are now stuck with a product which if known otherwise would certainly not have purchased as this is a major design flaw. Is there anything Garmin can do in this instance, maybe a software update? Or arranging for a refund at the retail store we purchased this from?

  • Hello, I apologize the device is not brighter. Can you post a picture of the device screen so I can see if the screen is normal or if maybe something is wrong with the device you have? I unfortunately can not arrange a refund with the retail store as they have there own policies. If you can post a picture of the screen and we can go from there. 

  • While I won't go as far as to consider Garmin's advertising as "false advertising", I must admit that the screen is way too dark. In no light (natural or artificial) is it possible to see the screen properly without activating the background light.

  • I would like to add I just received and setup 2 of these for my kids and think it’s a great product but like everyone else has said, the screen is very dark in all lighting and difficult to read. That difficulty alone with the associated frustration will deter kids from using this long term. Very disappointing. I expected a more solid product design from Garmin. 

  • My little one just opened her very 1st jr3..... Daddy, can you please adjust the background brightness of the watch? I cannot really see clearly!!

    Then, I found this forum!!!!

    Thank you for the sharing, and I have to tell my little one that "this watch will work even better when you go outside and play!!!Face palmFace palm"