How do I see the move alert/inactivity bar on my vivoactive 5?

When I looked at the steps widget on my vivoactive 3, there was a red bar showing me how long I'd been inactive. How do I see this on the vivoactive 5?

  • It's pretty common to show the move bar on CIQ watch faces.

    Here's one of mine, for example

    The arc at the bottom is the move bar.

  • For whatever reason, Garmin has decided not to make the move bar available on native watchfaces or the steps widget, in newer watches. You’ll still get a brief move alert when you’ve been inactive for too long.

    However, it is possible for a 3rd party watchface (or other type of app) to display the move bar.

    Here’s another 3rd party Connect IQ watchface which displays the move bar (it’s pretty popular, with 3.5 million downloads): 


    There’s also a variant which has support for complications: Crystal-Tesla

    I’ve actually been toying with the idea of creating a 3rd-party glance which just shows the move bar (and maybe the number of steps), for people who don’t want to change their watchface, but I’m not sure how much interest there would be.

  • Disappointing to hear, but thank you for the information! It was useful to see the red bar because I could check if I had missed a notification. I'll check some watch faces and see if I want the move bar more than my own background.