Vivoactive 5 Animated Workouts Request

I just purchased a Garmin Vívoactive® 5 watch and was immediately disheartened to discover that Animated Workouts is not supported on this device. A friend of mine owns a Vivoactive 4 that has this feature, which was one of the primary reasons why I decided to get a Garmin watch. I found out in the FAQ that most Garmin watches, even previous generations, support Animated Workouts, why Vivoactive 5 doesn't?

Please let me know if there are any plans to introduce this feature. I really hope to see its inclusion in the next software update.

  • Thats really sad every watch company tried to keep the feature which they have in older version but here after spending extra you lack some feature

  • Is this really true? I got my vivoactive 5 yesterday and spent this morning trying to get the animations to work. Until I read this I assumed that I was doing something wrong. I’m still hoping that I’m doing it wrong because if it’s true it kind kills the purpose why I bought it. 

  • Yep, they removed the feature it seems.   Probably to entice people to spend extra on a better version of the watch.

    Just bought mine the other day. After watching videos on how Garmin tracks when it comes to workouts I really liked that Garmin had animations to follow along with (was vivoactive 4 in the video apparently) just in case you weren't familiar with the exercise.   

    Not having to carry around my phone to track and learn new workouts was a selling point to me.

    Was confused when I couldn't figure out how to get animations to work. Disappointed to find out they REMOVED this feature from the NEWER VERSION.

    Just another anti-consumer decision that leaves a bitter taste when it comes to a new product you're supposed to be excited about/for.

  • wish I found this topic before I bought vivoactive 5 for my wife...