Update on manual edits to step count. Is this capability coming because for many the step counter is not accurate.

Hi Garmin,

So there is no capability to manual add or edit steps. I cannot find a good reason for why this is not available. All other fitness watches allow this because your products are just inaccurate at measuring distance and steps. I have tested it on a track and tried everything from adjusting stride lengths and the whole nine yards of updates, resets, tried a different watch the same under count occurs. A waste of my time in the end because still undercounts steps. I have had this Garmin watch for 4 years and there has been no progress. This is a basic capability I will have to move to another company if this is not resolved. For people who do not want to get overuse injuries this is a problem I do not want to walk or run too much in a time period because my watch is undercounting. You will lose and have probably lost many customers due to this issue so maybe fix this problem. If your product is measuring inaccurately we need to be able to edit and fix the data or the data is now useless for the intended purpose. Please respond asap.