Garmin Vivoactive 4 - battery drain after firmware update

Hi, following a recent update all of our Garmin Vivoactive 4 (we have 3 in family) are suffering from battery drain, specifically mine goes from 100% battery to 0% in 6 hours without any physical activity, effectively making the device (that was working fine up until 4 days ago) completely unusable.

We have tried soft resets, hard resets (full reset data and settings), remove device from Garmin Connect App and re-add, searching for new updates but nothing, here is the current firmware version installed:
software version: 7.80
gps version 6.00
ant/Ble version 8.02
wifi version 2.60
tsc version 2.05
sensor version 20.04
WHR version 5.00.05
connect iq 5
bmx 5.0.5
secondary bmx 0.8.0
api level 3.3.6

Many other users seem to have experienced the same problem (even with vivoactive 4s) so I ask an Administrator to highlight the discussion and give us quick feedback on when and how Garmin will resolve the problem.

Thank you,

  • The same problem occurred on my wife's Vivoactive 4 watch after the time zone update last night. The charge dropped to 50% in a very short time..

  • I have the exact same issue. Running the same software version. All of the sudden my watch is draining the battery around 3 times faster then before.

    Hopefully Garmin is able to resolve this issue because other than that, it's still a great device.

  • Exactly the same situation in my case too. Received a notification of a time zone update on my Vivoactive 4s and then everything started going haywire.

    The battery drains in about 4 hours even though I have recorded nothing.

    Now as of yesterday, the heart rate monitor isn't working properly nor is it recording steps nor respiration rate. Before the update, everything was working perfectly!

    Garmin, can you please reply and tell us what to do? My watch isn't even a year and a half old!!! 

  • Same here.  Vivoactive 4S.  Watch doesn't even last a full day when yesterday it lasted a week.  How do I roll back whatever mess they installed (I didn't initiate this update!!)

    Just confirming my stats are identical to Stefano's.  A reset did nothing and I'm leery of trying things that clearly don't work.

    I've found this helpful post and have done a firmware update via Garmin Express (which itself needed an update to actually function properly).

    I'll see if the drain continues tomorrow and report back.  Not sure where I'm supposed to disable updates though...

  • I would recommend people perform an update via garmin express.  It's been 6 hours and my battery has only dropped 3% whereas yesterday it would have been 25%.

  • I have the exact same issue with Vivoactive 4

  • I also have the exact same issue with very rapid battery drain after a recent update. Thought I'd have better luck opting into the software Beta program and upgraded to 7.90 but the battery drain issue still persists. I can mitigate it temporarily with the following steps that will hopefully serve as a short term mitigation until Garmin addresses the issue fully:

    In watch settings -> Wrist Heart Rate -> click Status to turn it Off

    Power watch down

    Power watch up

    Settings -> Wrist Heart Rate -> click Status to turn it back on to Auto

    Not sure if the drain is necessarily due to the heart rate sensor, but this has helped for me. However I end up needing to do this every morning.

  • Same for me. With mybattery widget you can clearly see drain is two times now than average. 30% battery per day. Garmin express doesn't allow further update.

    A similar thread was posted for the same issue with vivoactive 3. At the end of vivo3 life an update was rolled that got the watch's battery to deplete un one day. Users like myself thought it was an "invitation" to buy vivoactive 4. Wich I did.

    Garmin never adressed the issue and returned canned answers like it was our fault for having widgets or faces installed. Or billed the same as buying a new watch for sending a refurbished vivo3.

    Is this an "invitation" to buy vivoactive 5 now that it's out?

  • Unfortunately, when I look at the problems my wife and I have experienced with Garmin products, I agree with you.

  • Same here. It was after this same update that I started noticing my battery draining.