BETA - vivoactive 4/4s SW 6.33 is available

Download - vivoactive 4

Download - vivoactive 4s


  • Please provide feedback to [email protected]
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Change History

Changes made from version 6.30 to 6.33:

  • Updates to Garmin Pay
  • Added Pulse Ox improvements
  • Added golf improvements
  • Added support for HRV from a chest strap
  • Fixed an issue were cadence values were halved in Connect IQ data fields
  • Fixed some missing translations
  • Reworked backlight/brightness settings
  • Fixed some scenarios where the backlight could get stuck on
  • Fixed an issue where Connect IQ watch faces could crash

  • Thanks for briningthat update and adding new features!

    Added Pulse Ox improvements

    1. I've tried to measure my PulseOX and it seems to become harder to see the results as now the watch seems to discard measuring session if I move during it or watch isn't sitting tight, which is good! The two times I've managed to get reading holding the watch on my heart level(the way it described in manual) I've actually got results which are 1% lower than my on-finger pulseoximter which is also a good sign but more testing is necessary.

    Also, the first time it failed to measure PulseOX the message about tightening strap was so fast I couldn't read it and the watch just started measurement again without asking me, when it failed to do measuring the next time it actually wasn't that fast and the watch asked me if I want to re-try which should be default behavior, I guess.

    Added support for HRV from a chest strap

    2. That's good, but I can't find it anywhere, I checked if it was added as an app, a widget or a settings to record my HRV during activities. I couldn't find neither of those. So i decided to give a try and do short breathing exercise with Garmin HRM Dual to see if my watch can record the new data, I couldn't find HRV graph, and unfortunately it didn't record my breathing this time. So it sounds like a bug...

    3. Also can you please consider adding Body Battery 2.0 to our watch too, beacuse currently it doesn't seems to correlate well with the sleep and exhaustion and no matter how badly I sleep I can hit 100% every day.

  • battery drains like crazy since 5.80. Can you fix it?

  • Your Stresslevel is HRV based,.

    Thanks MB201, I know it is HRV based  just like breath counts which still works with optical sensor but not HRM strap.

    Else you can use "HRV Analysis"

    Yes, I've it, but having built-in functionality for HRV would be preferable, actually I'd love if Garmin could enable HRV logging for activities which was requested number of times.

    battery drains like crazy since 5.80. Can you fix it?

    That's weird because for me battery drain become very modest from version 6.x

  • After downloading 6.33 did a run and the sync went OK.

    Played golf today and the activity (GPS track)  has downloaded but the scorecard fails to sync. Tried multiple times over Wfi and each time the number of files failed increases by one. Tried multiple times to sync through Garmin express and although it says the sync was sucessful the scorecard never uploads and when I try a Wifi sync the number of files failed has incresed by two.

    I've tried rebooting the watch to clear the problem and that doesn't work either.

  • Some clarity or more info on the chest strap HVR would be nice...

    • Reworked backlight/brightness settings --   It now means the backlight can't go down to zero. I like having no backlight.
  • Not being able to turn off the backlight in the quick settings is a huge step back. Not a good idea for users. 

  • I'm seeing the same. I have a good 5 days with 5.8 now I'm barely getting 4. With the usage widget can we see why?

  • But is the option to turn off backlight taken away? Setting it to zero did not mean it was off. There was a difference in battery consumption.