Playing music without downloading to watch

Hello, I'm new to Garmin as I just switched from using a Pebble for the past 5 years. I do not care about downloading music to my watch or syncing headphones with my watch. I only want to control the music my phone is streaming, but I'm struggling. I kind of got it to work by switch the watch to "phone" for music providers, but now the controls don't react when I press them. It does not display what is playing, nor does the play/ pause button react. However, as of just now, the music on my phone will pause and play and skip, but the watch does not display this. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. This is a big thing for my watch to do since I like to be able to control my Bluetooth speakers from my wrist instead of my phone. For instance, while driving or with my Bluetooth shower head speaker. If it helps, my only music player I use is Spotify and I have a Galaxy S10e phone