The calendar widget doesn't properly display events in non-Latin characters when the language is set to English

I recently purchased a vivoactive 4 (Japanese version) and I've been quite impressed with it so far. 

That said, I hate the way it renders Japanese characters so I keep my watch set to English. It looks much better and I don't have to deal with the questionable translations.

I like the idea of the Calendar widget and I want to use it more for work. It's nice to get notifications on my wrist about upcoming meetings, events and reminders.

The only problem I've run into is that I keep my Google Calendar in Japanese and the widget seems to have trouble with Japanese text when the system language is set to English.

Here is an example:

You can see on the left, the Japanese text appears just fine when looking at the widget's overview screen. But if you tap on an event to see details, the Japanese text is replaced with boxes.
(I've blurred out the address on the left and the postal code on the right. The postal code displays fine, presumably because it's numeric)

If I use the widget with the system set to Japanese, everything works perfectly fine.

Has anybody else noticed this? Is this something Garmin is aware about? Any hope for a fix or workaround?