I've had my Vivoactive 4s for about 2 weeks now.  I am confused as to the calorie counting.  Today, I did 14,928 steps on the step detail screen it says 2323 calories.  Is that the amount of calories I have used or burned taking that many steps?  It seems high, yet the step calories are always way higher than my workout calories.  I also did a 30 min elliptical training at an average heart rate of 145BPM.  That showed as using 378 Calories.  I'm wondering if the step calories are correct or am I mis-understanding all of this.  The other issue I have is that the calories for my workouts carry over to the my fitness pal app when I track my food but it doesn't carry over any calories for the daily activity and steps I take.  Is there a setting or something I missed, or do the daily step calories not get carried over.  Any help would understanding would be appreciated.  Thanks.