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All vivoactive 4 versions SW 4.40 is live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile (pending rollout). 

Change Log

  • Updated stopwatch activities to include device information
  • Added prompt for software update after downloading over WiFi
  • Fixed deletion of Connect IQ items
  • Added intervals option to cardio
  • Improved Body Battery and Stress graphs
  • Updated activity summary Vo2 Max banner
  • Fixed initial setup to ensure units are always being set
  • Added support for additional emojis
  • Fixed processing of preloaded workouts on a language change
  • Fixed potential crash on Connect IQ updates
  • Fixed the calendar widget to show more events
  • Fixed alarm timeouts
  • Fixed possible crash on heart rate graph
  • Fixed backlight timeout on watch face
  • Fixed an issue preventing contacts from being deleted
  • Tried that many times for a day didn't work but connecting it to my laptop and updating with Garmin express worked instantly

  • Same problem here , just connect it to a laptop with Garmin express, as soon as it's done syncing I got a prompt to update the watch

  • Language bug at Wifi synchronize. Status info change between german and english. My System Language is german. Vivoactive 4

  • it is the same for me: from french to english during wifi synchronisation.

  • Ok, that worked.  Thanks!  I had to update Garmin Express first and I didn't get the prompt to install the update until I disconnected the watch from the laptop, but it worked.  I am now running 4.4.  I then noticed that there was an update for CIQ on my phone, so maybe that had something to do with why it didn't work from my phone.  Or maybe not.

  • While swimming indoors and pausing the Activity its still not possible to get to the second page... there is a sidebar indicating that there should be more to see but you can't get to it, because the display lock does not disable automatically when paused

  • I reported to support November 19, 2012 a problem with the translation of the word 'timer' in Polish. The timer is translated as a stopwatch and I have 2x stopwatch in the menu. Since then, Garmin has not rectified the defect despite my reminders and assurances that they are working on it. I also reported some improvements to make this watch work better as a smartwatch and not just a training device for high-performance athletes. Silence, customer reviews know nothing to them.

  • Just did the update and now my steps aren't being calculated accurately (I take around 15,000 steps on a standard day and yesterday I did all the same things and the steps only came to 7000) 

  • After the update I restarted it and ended up in a test setup. I see just strange facts and tests are running. Looks like a health check before the OS is starting.

    Any suggestion?

  • Same here it seems that now it count a lot less steps