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All vivoactive 4 versions SW 4.40 is live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile (pending rollout). 

Change Log

  • Updated stopwatch activities to include device information
  • Added prompt for software update after downloading over WiFi
  • Fixed deletion of Connect IQ items
  • Added intervals option to cardio
  • Improved Body Battery and Stress graphs
  • Updated activity summary Vo2 Max banner
  • Fixed initial setup to ensure units are always being set
  • Added support for additional emojis
  • Fixed processing of preloaded workouts on a language change
  • Fixed potential crash on Connect IQ updates
  • Fixed the calendar widget to show more events
  • Fixed alarm timeouts
  • Fixed possible crash on heart rate graph
  • Fixed backlight timeout on watch face
  • Fixed an issue preventing contacts from being deleted
  • Thanks for fixing the calendar widget. Now I can click the three dots and browse more events again. Please add this check to you release test. Was a significant workflow problem while it lasted. But thanks!

  • I love the watch, thanks for the update! Isn't it possible to have 2 touches of light on a locked screen?

  • Dear Blake and everyone,

    Can you help 'cause I am still stuck on version 3.90. Been trying to get the updates (4.00 till now) from both the watch and Garmin Express but no luck. Is it region-locked or something as I live in Viet Nam?

    Also with 3.90, I'm pretty disappointed with the battery as I often get 4 days at max with literally no GPS activity and only PulseOx at night. Hope things would change for the new firmware but the thing is I can't even get it now Slight frown

  • Prueba a devolver el VA4 a los valores de fábrica, y deja que se instale todo desde cero. No perderás ningún dato ya que todo está almacenado en Garmin Connect.

  • I'm still stuck on 4.00, my watch doesn't see 4.40

  • I'm still stuck with 3.90!

  • You try Garmin Express in PC with USB cable.

  • I had to use Garmin Express on my laptop to get 4.4 to install, connecting to the laptop with the usb cable.

  • After installing this update 3 days ago, my step count shot up 2500 steps a few minutes after midnight today...

    The update has also converted the preloaded workouts in to French! Have tried to change language option to no avail...

    UPDATE: After a full reset including reset of data, the language bug is gone. It seems like after every new FW update, a full reset is necessary to retain the devices full functionality. This happened to me with every update, a full reset and battery always works again. If I stay away from the iq store, the device seem to remain stable....

    Ohh almost forgot, if you wish to avoid the radiation from the device, you can set up your profile on the device itself, then sync it with garmin express to your account and view your information from your connect app on your phone. This way you can get meningfull weekly readings without checking your phone all the time (reduces stress) This way you are always on the safe side, and your body will feel much better.

    I have tried 5 devices the last 6 months, and this one comes out as the least intrusive, it does not emitt radio waves when properly set up.