Stuck in a saving loop after swimming activity

Hey guys, 

So I've noticed this question being asked online by people who had the VA3 or similar, but not yet for the 4s. When I'm done swimming and try to stop and save the activity, I get stuck in a loop. When I press the button to confirm stopping and saving I just get taken back to the activity. I can add laps and switch to rest mode, but the activity doesn't quit. I've tried taking off my watch in rest mode, on the saving activity screen and on the lap screen in the idle hope that the watch would get the hint and just save and quit on its own, but that was 2 hours ago and we're still counting. 

Anyone else noticed this? Any tips on how to get out of this? Since the Vivoactive 4 doesn't have an off button the VA3 tips didn't work for me. 

Best regards,