Roll back

Dear Garmin, I have a really great idea: let us roll back to the previous version of software until there is a fix for the "blinking hr sensor" and other issues reported here day by day by desperate people from all over the world. People which have faith in that reporting a bug on OFFICIAL forum will HELP bring it down faster. To those people: sorry it won't, it's been almost 20 days since Garmin KNOWS about this issue and they still didn't pushed an update. I feel like using a crap watch needing after each exercise to power it off and on, this is ridicilous...

It would also be a great overall feature for the next updates. If there will be any NEW bugs we all could safely just roll back to the version which WORKED for most cases. 

Or another thought: make a beta channel for all the updates, let people who like to ride the edge test all the things and struggle with the bugs but let us the everyday users just use this watch NORMALLY.

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