What weather service is used?

Is there a way to find out what weather service Garmin uses? I have been trying to get the Frosty badge, which is not easy where I live because temps do not frequently fall below 32F, and if it does, its during early morning and I am not a morning person. Well this morning the forecast low was 31. Sure enough, at 0600 today my phone's weather app said 30. Per Garmin FAQ the temp at the start of the activity is the temp for the activity.  Perfect! So I force myself out of bed and walk outside for an hour, and when I get back to my house the temp is 32. But when my walk uploads to Garmin Connect the temp for the activity is 34. No badge. What gives. I would like to know the specific weather service so I can check that one so I do not have to go thru this again.