No Run/Walk alerts while doing a Run-Walk-Run Coach workout?

I am doing the 5k program from Garmin Coach with Jeff Galloway. The program is based on a Run/Walk strategy. But when I setup Run/Walk intervals for the running activity on my watch, it does not activate during a run from the Coach program? 

There are threads dating about half a year back for the VivoActive 3 that seem to have the same issue. I guess it is (still) not working as expected. Anybody else have this issue, or better yet: does not have this issue while doing a training from the Coach program?

  • I came here for the same issue.  I am doing the 10k training plan using the Run Walk strategy.  

    Yet, on the easy run, it does not have this built into the workout.  So have created my own plan.  Who knows if I will get the same distance.  Trial and error.  

    Kinda sad that the plan doesn't include the strategy we signed up to do!