Vivoactive 4s getting worse instead of better after updates

I have a 4s which now performs worse than when I first got it.

- Pulse Ox has never worked which seems to be a known issue

- Previously, the battery drained less than 20% per day. I could charge it each day when I was in the shower which was more than enough and I could often skip charging for a day since it charged more during that time than it drained during the day. (I was very pleased with this)

Since recent updates some things went wrong:

- Battery drain is a lot worse (30-40% per day) and charging seems to be a lot slower. I only gain 10-15% while showering where this was over 20 before.

- The HR leds keep flashing while I take the watch off. This wasn't the case before

- The HR measurement has loads of "unmeasurable" gaps in the graph since the update

- REM sleep isn't recorded anymore, only light and deep sleep. Before the update, this worked fine

- Pulse Ox still doesn't work