Bluetooth Battery Consumption


my VA4 consumes about 0.3 % battery per hour with Bluetooth off and HR tracking on, it will last over 10 days.

GPS+Music I also get the promised 6 hours without problems.

But when I turn on Bluetooth it drains about 2% to 2.5 % per hour (almost 10x as much).

When I turn off Bluetooth again the drain will not stop - unless I restart the watch.

Is this Bluetooth drain normal or too much? Did several resets etc. so it's not that... 

Is this a Hardware defect or normal? - battery itself should be fine when I look at the drain without bluetooth....

  • Wow, you are lucky to have 10 day battery life, I also have my bluetooth off but i barely get 3-4 days. I mainly use my watch for workout and the rest of the time everything else is turned off. I am working out 4 times a week in the gym no music, no gps etc only heart rate (also no pulse ox). For me even restarting is not working. So maybe you are lucky or i am very unlucky as this is my second piece.