Creating custom activity


I purchased a VivoActive 4L. In the past I used POLAR.

I saw already several posts on this subject, so I assume I'm not the only one who is a little disappointed about how GARMIN handles custom activities...

It would be very nice if GARMIN gives the user the freedom to define all aspects of a custom activity.

Choosing it's own icon (selection from an iconset provided bij GARMIN), name, category and available sensors of the smartwatch to use.

As it is today, also mentioned by several users, it would be very helpful to also define the category.

E.g. I play a lot of tennis. I have to create an outdoor activity and afterwards change type and category.

Another example, I can't define the type of walking... Connect always sets it to running.

I have to change this via Connect. So, if this is changeable, why isn't possible to store this directly in the activity on the watch?

This would help a lot of users, so they can completely define their own activities

I truly hope GARMIN will take these remarks in consideration for future update.


  • With the vivo series devices you can copy an existing activity, and give it a name from a predefined list (so copy walking can call it dog walking) with it's own set of screens, etc.  When it gets synced to GC, it will show as walking.

    There's no way to change the sport type.

    On higher end devices, there are more options, and there are also CIQ activites with other sports types on the vivo devices.