Watch faces no longer detecting high power mode when raising watch after updating to 3.5

In order to help preserve battery life, some watch faces will only update the screen once a minute until you raise your wrist and the backlight turns on. In this "low power mode" things such as HR and seconds don't get updated all the time, which is great.

However after updating to 3.5 my watch faces no longer detect this gesture, and they will remain in low power mode until I tap the screen or press a button.

Yes, tapping the screen or pressing a button is the only way to get the watch faces to truly "wake up" and start updating things such as HR or seconds.

I know the wrist raising gesture is still getting recognized by the watch because the backlight still turns on. It's just the watch faces that don't wake up properly.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

This is very annoying, and was not happening before I updated to 3.5.