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Battery Life Issues

Just got a new Vivoactive 4 and was expecting a much better battery life, so far I'm running into a 48hr battery life. Charged my watch fully last night unplugged it before bed and woke up to a watch that had been sitting (did not sleep with it) doing nothing and already drained 20%. 

Very disappointing this is exactly one of the reason I switched, I wanted to worry less about charging my watch every day or two. Is this just a total miss for Garmin or did I just get a lemon? 

  • When I got my new FR945 earlier this year, it had a really poor battery life for the first 4-5 days. I had to give it 3-4 full charge and discharge cycles before it started to have a reasonable battery life. Not sure if the Vivoactive 4 will behave the same way, but it is worth a shot. I would suggest a full charge to 100% and then a full discharge until it shuts off and then repeat. If it hasn't stabilized after that, give Garmin support a call.

  • Same problem, but much harder.
    Battery drained 75% in 11.5 hours without use.

  • Mine seems worse. Got it last night. Set it up via bt, it was 65% or something. Had a 20min bike ride this morning using it in hr broadcast mode. At ~10am had 45% left. Attached it to pc with garming express which delivered 3.20sw version and couple of watch faces and datafields. Disconnected after update at 84%.

    By 5pm it was 26%.

    Did another bike ride (~1h) using it in hr broadcast mode. at 7pm it was 10%.

    Connected to PC, charged to 100%. At 83% 2 hours after... Doing a simple maths, not even a day battery life

  • This is my drain just lying in bed. It drains 1% every 10min. No active watchface is set, just time, date, battery. I think it might be the spo2 sensor as it kicks in during sleep hours .That being said, 6% per hour is never going to get me the 6 days advertised.

    84% - 00:38

    83% - 00:44

    82% - 00:54

    81% - 01:03

    80% - 01:12

    79% - 01:23

  • Definitely the spo2 sensor. Turned it off and the battery hasn't dropped a single % since.

  • Same here,

    Bought Garmin instead of Apple Watch for battery life and I have to charge it each day... no GPS or music used.

    Do you know if this has been reported to Garmin to look through?

  • My drain is totally gone since firmware 3.40.

    I get 7 days without spo2 and 4 days with spo2 during sleep. I haven't tried 24/7 spo2 yet, bit if the trends resumes, i guess 2 days with 24hrs spo2.

  • I  had about 2% drain an hour, after 2,5 days it was completely empty.


    No change after 3.5 firmware. I then made a reset on my watch. No change. 

    Second try: Again reset it to factory settings this time 4 hours of charging, and new settings:

    - custom watchface with the build in watchface-generator WITHOUT seconds 

    - deinstalled the third party battery app.

    - Brightness to 10% 

    - Gesture only during activity

    - Bluetooth off.

    - Heart Rate on, PulseOx off.

    Now it improved siginficantly!

    48 hours since last charge, during that time 1 hour run with gps + music -> 78% left ;-)

    It drains only 1 or 2 % every 8 hours outside of the activity!

    Hope it stays that way! Refuse to do a firmware update, never change a running system ;)

  • The first firmware update that came out was explicitly for the battery drain.

    The second firmware update came hours after that, probably cuz they messed something up.

    The last update fixes issues not being able to back out of widgets and downloadable workouts.

  • I am facing a similar issue with my Garmin vivoactive 4. Bought it a week ago, I have reset it now 3 times, after the suggestions from this group, i charge it for 3 hours after reaching 100%. On the day i  charge it it is fine and drains about 1% every 2-3 hours, but the next day it starts draining by about 2% per hour. 

    I am now on firmware version 3.6 and for me at least every update seems to have made the battery life worst. I am just gonna return this and get another one and hope that one is better. 

    But this is preposterous to me, paying so much money i would expect a product to work out of the box and not play the guessing game of how i can make it better. Probably my last Garmin product, since this money is gone!