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Accuracy of Venu Sq 2

Hello, I have had this watch for a few days and I doubt its accuracy. Is it normal that at night when I sleep the watch counts my steps?

I wake up and I already have a dozen steps! Regarding sleep, some times in the middle of the night I wake up, go down one floor and watch TV then 1 hour later I go back to bed and the watch still indicates that I am asleep...

Is this normal?

  • It is important not to wear the watch on the dominant arm. So if you are right-handed, you should wear the watch on the left and vice versa.
    It is indicated for example in the manual that doing the dishes can disturb the watch. So I can imagine that a restless night can also disturb.

    The idea for me is to have the order of magnitude and then to make your own analysis.

    Concerning the accuracy of the watch for the measurement of sleep, I had read an overall accuracy of 69 - 70%, to be compared with an electroencephalogram (the most accurate instrument) of about 80 - 82% (from memory). On the other hand, the watch is very good for the detection of falling asleep (from memory I seem to remember that it was at 97%, but with certainty above 90% EDIT 95,8 %), but I retained a figure of 74% EDIT 73,4 % for the detection of waking up where it is clear that it is more complicated.

    If this can help. For the steps at night, I also have some steps, but as I get up to go to the bathroom, I don't pay attention to them. It's marginal over a day.

    For information, on a test of a walk of about 6600 steps, the Garmin watch indicated 200 steps more than my pedometer placed in the pocket. In short, it's not bad I think for an object worn on an arm that can move not always regularly.