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Venu Sq 2 Software Update : unknown update & changelog


On 17th of april, I have received a message that a new update is availlable (You can see the snapshot).

The issue, is that I have no information about the proposed file, so I don't want to update my new watch with a malware or a wrong update file.

You can see the snapshot (in french).

Do you have a such update for your watch or more information?

In advance, thank-you.

  • Hello,

    Some news for me.

    Yesterday on 18th of april : no more update.

    Today : new update software for Time Zone Map. Small bug, "change log" can only be seen when the watch is not connected to the computer. If connected, we have the same message that I previusly shown.

    Update automatly downloaded with the automatic sync, and ask to update or not when remove the watch from the computer.

    Succefully updated.