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Incorrect Measurementsu

I bought a Venu SQ2 for Crossfit and most of the measurements are completeky incorrect!! For example, after a 60mins training it shows that i burnt only 115 caloris, that my intensive time was only 2mins, that i walked 5000 steps, my max. heart rate is 98 and so on.. I"m looking to solve the problem before i claim my money back!! 

  • The owner's manual says: "For the most accurate calorie data during your activity, set your maximum heart rate."

    The standard maximum HR is 220-age. For example, a 40 year old is likely to have a 220-40=180 maximum heart rate.

    Also check the following webpage:

    I have a Venu Sq2 and it has proven to be quite accurate. The HR it displays matches what I get in other HR monitors.