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Venu Sq 2 weak vibration.


I have just purchased a Venu Sq 2 Music but find the alarm vibrations very weak even after setting it to high.

I have the watch on a bedside cabinet but find it does not vibrate enough to wake me. The Pebble watch which the Venu is to replace had such a strong vibration it woke me easily.

Am I expecting too much, is the vibration only enough to wake me if I'm wearing the watch whilst asleep?

Would a none square Garmin smartwatch have a stronger vibration?

Thanks Steve.

  • No.  I just bought the previous SQ and it's weak. Weak, WEAK.  Searching this forum, people were posting up about that over two years ago.  I found myself wondering, "Did they fix that in the SQ2?"  I'm glad I found your post.  BTW, my cheapo Amazfit Band 7 had a high setting that can wake me from a deep sleep while the SQ on high, I just might miss the check on the pie in the oven in 30 minutes.

  • Thanks for your reply. In the end I went for a Versa 4, which although not as strong as the Pebble, is OK to wake me if I place the watch on it's side. That makes the vibration more noticeable.