Someone upgraded from venu2 plus?

I'm interested if someone upgraded from Venu2 plus to Venu3. In case of yes, I would like to know the intention and if the expectations are fulfilled.

Actual I own a Venu2 plus and I'm interested in some features like nap recognition.

  • I did.  I love the additional features of the Venu 3S.  I like that it is a smaller size for my small wrist.  I like the morning report, the HRV Status, Sleep Coach and Recovery advisor.  The watch also has the newer Elevate 5 sensor(s).    Plus overall in the UI, the fonts are a little bigger and easier to read. 

    The nap recognition for me doesn't seem to log it specifically as sleep (I don't actually know if it is supposed to or not, I have only napped once so far with new watch), but the watch does call out "restful periods" (such as the nap, or when I'm sitting very still playing a relaxing game), and lets me know how it affected my body battery.

    ymmv.  I'm a sucker for wanting to always have the newest device, Garmin must love me.

  • I also upgraded from a Venu 2 Plus. I like the better battery life, the updated stats, like HRV, and the updated sensors. I find the screen to be better at responding to swipes. No lags or stuttering.  

    And, I like getting the newest tech. Grin

  • Upgraded from v2plus, very happy, love better battery,  morning report, better interface,  bigger fonts, faster ui, no lag. Overall very good upgrade of watch.

    Expensive but worth it

  • Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Maybe me and my beloved one will give it a try.

  • Some days ago there was good offer available in germany and I've bought the Venu3.

    I really like the improvements like morning report and nap recognition. HR measurement during workouts seems to be better.

    The wristband feels much more comfy compared to to one garmin delivered with venu2plus.