Garmin Express and PC connection Difficult to Make

My Venu 2, when plugged directly into USB ports on my Windows 10 PC, will often not be recognized and will make connection/disconnection noises in quick sequence. Opening up Garmin Express and Windows Exploper, the device will not show as connected in either. However, the watch itself will show that it is charging, so some sort of connection has been made. If I unplug it and plug it back in, change around USB ports, or reboot the watch, eventually it will connect and sync (but not with any particular rhyme or reason -- but we're talking 10 minutes and multiple retries.

All my connection points are clean -- does this sound like a bad USB cable (I'm using the one that came with the watch) or a bad connector on the watch itself? I'm updated to 5.27 (or whatever the latest software is). Ditto for Garmin Express itself.

I have other Garmin devices (Edge 1030 and Varia), and they connect just fine on the same computer.

Thoughts/help appreciated -- especially if this is a warranty claim on either the watch or cable.