Sleep Statistics

I have had my Venu 2 for over a month now and am very happy with it.  However, in all that time my sleep stats always say good quantity, poor quality.  My sleep is great, never had a problem.  What is the rationale behind the measurement?

  • I had started to conclude that it is impossible to get above good. But then my wife and I went to Maui on vacation and I had several nights that were rated "excellent". Guess it is time to move to Hawaii Slight smile

  • It's not the best, my vivoactive 4 can give a better reading of my nights sleep. It obviously has a newer heart rate sensor but it's not up to scratch yet

    Some nights it can say I went to sleep at 6pm when I'm clearly still awake and sat in front of the TV

    I have my usual sleep time and wake time set but it just can't seem to get it right

    I'm sure it will come good after a few more updates but at the moment it's no good 

  • Nice idea!  However I do live in England's Lake District surrounded by lakes mountains and trees which is pretty nice.  Not quite as warm though, maybe that's the problem.