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5.27 update battery drain

So I got the 5.27 update and the watch was charged to 100 percent. It did great the first night and only went down 25 percent for the first 24 hours. I typically get 4 days on a charge with my configuration. The second night I woke up and it was at 18 percent. I hope this isn't a permanent thing because I love the watch and the 4 days without a charge has been great. Any information would be great?

  • on 5.27 and charged yesterday to 100%. 24h after 49% were gone and just in watch mode, no GPS activities, no music no nothing, just watch mode....definitely something has changed and battery is draining. Would be nice as in a smartphone to have a battery analysis tool/widget to see where battery drain goes...

  • Same here. After update battery life is very bad.

  • My batter consumption seems okay, its the same than with 4.67 and 3.48. I regularly use GPS have SpO2 configured to all day, etc. I don't have any 3rd party stuff from the Connect IQ store. So perhaps Garmin's response on removing CIQ content first holds some water? If after removing all CIQ content and battery improves, then I guess one can them back one by one until the culprit is found.

    I do like the previous proposal of ".... Would be nice as in a smartphone to have a battery analysis tool/widget to see where battery drain goes..."

    Apart from CIQ content, perhaps bluetooth connectivity plays a role here? I don't have my phone paired with the watch continuously. I don't use the smart watch features like notifications, etc. I just use the BT to do a sync once in a while. But now that the WiFi is fixed again, I just sync via WiFi, thus reducing my BT usage even more.

  • Thenks for the information. We thest some days. The results:

    • The whatch face have a battery problem. So we change it. 
    • The connect app hoes into the battery saving mode. So the band always lose the connection. 

    After solving both problems the battery live is 3 to 4 days. That's OK for the moment, because we are in holidays and walk every day 3 to 5 hours with GPS tracking. 

  • That's a good idea. I use it similar to that as well. I don't really care for the smart phone notifications. In fact I turn most of them off. I have reset it twice and the battery seems to have gone e back to what I was used to. Its been a few days so hopefully it's resolved. We shall see. 

  • The second night I woke up and it was at 18 percent.

    There are 2 different threads about this that should maybe be combined ? Anyway, I am unclear on why this would be a CIQ issue if people are having battery drain overnight when the face is turned off for sleep hours?

  • I hike at least one hour with GPS tracking per day, I use a dial from the CIQ store and my autonomy is 4 to 5 days at ease.
  • Wife's venu 2s is draining like crazy. It's insane. Watch runs down in just two days. No connect iq apps or faces installed. Did soft cycle down reset. Did a full factory reset. Nothing helps. Please fix or this is getting returned. Thank you

  • After my previous comment 3 days ago, i re-charged and restarted the watch and since then battery seem ok as upon 48h of watch use am at 50%. Something must have been eating battery, though i did not changed and/or uninstalled anything since then

  • That's great to hear, but not quite 11 days!