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Venu 2/2s Software Update - Version 5.27

Firmware version 5.27 for the Venu 2/2s is now available.  This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile.

This update is Live at (100%) as of 9:07 am  CDT (10/7/2021)

Changes made from 4.67 to 5.27

  • Added five new watch faces inspired by the Garmin Outdoor, Fitness, Aviation, Marine, and Automotive segments.
  • Fixed WiFi sync issue reporting Error 030
  • Support added for HR broadcast over BLE
  • Added setting to turn off rep counting for Strength, Cardio, and HIIT
  • Fixed gesture behavior on CIQ watch faces
  • Various stability and user experience improvements
  • Improved translations

Additional Updates

Touchscreen - 17.45
Graphics - 1.12
Translations - 3.20

For questions or concerns regarding the update or features, please create a new thread.