Venu 2 Heart Rate way too high readings in cardio program

Using a brand new Venu 2, and all updates installed, the HR readings in Cardio Mode are between 30 and 50 BPM too high at nearly all times.  I am using a Polar H10 to do the comparison.  What is wrong with Cardio Mode?  This does not happen in the other programs I have tried, e.g. Elliptical, Walking, Pilates and Yoga.  I am doing a straight steady state cardio workout.  Can this be fixed with a software update?  Thank you.

  • Everything working fine here, it has to be something wrong with your device somehow. Maybe do a reset if nothing else helps? I know it is a lame answer, but often it helps. 

  • The same on my venu 2, I followed my heart rate with my Polar H10 pectoral belt connected to the smartphone during a bodyattack the Mills, and the coming 2 was permanently from 10 to 20 beats a minute higher than

  • Heart Rate on my Venu 2 is very accurate.  I've compared it with HR monitors on gym equipment (treadmill and elliptical) and my Venu 2 is always within 1-2 bbm.  The main thing I notice is the lag during heart rate changes (i.e. lag while doing HIIT or intervals).

  • the measurement of indoor equipment is not as accurate as that of a Polar H10 chest strap ... so I'm sorry, but your comparison is not meaningful

  • I have just bought a Venu 2 and have issues with the heart rate. The only time it works correctly is when I'm sitting still. As soon as I get up to walk the Venu 2 shows heart rate of 50-60% higher than chest strap. I know optical sensors will not match the chest strap but this level of inaccuracy renders the watch useless. I've also checked against a FitBit Charge 4 (same arm at same time) and that is within 5% of the chest strap which seems reasonable.

    I set the strap tightness by using the PulseOx option and going 1 notch tighter until the PulseOx worked. Also tried cleaning, shaving arm under watch etc. but nothing works.

    Right now this is an expensive way to tell the time and has no fitness benefit what-so-ever if it can't measure the most basic of parameters.

  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem. Especially during activities ... running races ... carpet races. The only reason that I bought this watch was the accuracy of the heart rate sensor. I am extremely disappointed. When will an update ???