Compared V2s vs Vivoactive 4s... BB, sleep etc. Not sooooo different.


as I said in another thread I was quite disappointed of the sleep of the V2 as it is less accurate than the sleep widget on the Fenix 6 I owned a few months ago. So I wanted to give you all some inside... 

So I decided to take my latest Garmin, VA 4s, and wear it for half a day now besides the Venu 2s. One on the left hand, one on the right hand (Venu 2s). I 'm a right-hander which would give  the Venu 2s a bit of an advantage during night because normally I move my right hand and arm more than my left. So today I will try it the other way. 

I had a long but not so amazing sleep, at least 30mins awake. So sleep stages has been a little more accurate on the Venu 2s which was to be expected. 

V2s: sleep 8h48m .... deep 45m, light 5h41m, REM 2h22m, awake 19m , sleep score 86 good, more accurate falling asleep

VA4s: sleep 9h12m .... deep 1h17m, light 4h19, REM 3h36m, awake 13m 

So of course more accurate. But the thing which bothers me is the awake time again. AGAIN. This is what was so more accurate with earlier sleep widget releases on the Fenix 6. I had way higher awake times back then on several days where I haven't slept good. And of course those days are just a few, normally I do sleep quite good. But it bothers me. I had awake times of 30min when 60min awake a few days ago. I don't know if a sensor is missing from the Fenix 6 which would make it less accurate. VA4 has not much less awake time which surprised me. I know VA4 sleep tracking is quite crappy. This was one of the main reasons for me to switch. The others were health snapshot, more activities I use and newer, from reviewers praised better HR sensor, esp. during intense activities. AMOLED wasn't a reason at all for me, because MIP has many advantages too. Even though it indeed does look much nicer. 

So Body battery has risen from approx 35 to 90 on the Venu2 which I at this very moment find a little high. I woke up feeling dizzy, maybe too long sleep. My VA4 has risen to 65 from 48, so about 20 points where the Venu2 has risen 55 points. I don't feel like 90 but more like 65. OK, my feeling, that doesn't always mean the body really is as fit or not fit as you feel. But 90 seems to high to me. I already pointed that out in another forum and thread too. BB rises quite high imo even with higher awake times. That also wasn't the case with the Fenix 6 on older sleep widget versions. Whatever sleep widget tweaking they have done, they made it worse and less accurate imo. 

So I will test it tomorrow to see if I keep the Venu 2s or stay with my older VA4s which I would need to sell otherwise. I like the always on display of the time of the older VA more, because display is off and the time not shining bright into your eyes, but when using the display of course the Venu 2 is way, way better with it's AMOLED display. But I think the always on display mode on the Venu 2 is way to bright even with lowest brightness setting. They should do a way darker brightness setting just for the always on display. It would save battery, prevent from burn in. Or at least give us an option to make display in always on mode even darker than lowest brightness setting and with gestures turn brightness higher again.  

Or give us better always on mode with digital time watch face. A simple analog watch face displays only the very thin watch hands which is nice for always on. It is very simple and very low-key. But there is no digital time which is as low key and unobtrusive for the eyes in always on mode. Only those thick digital number, when in use or not, always the same, no difference. 

Plus strangely I can read the data on my VA4s with it's bad MIP display quality way better than on the Venu 2s because, despite same size, the VA4s shows way bigger, even though uglier, text size. Yes it is uglier to look at because text really is big, but at least I can read it without any problems. The Venu 2s text size is often way too small, I have to look twice to read it, and need to concentrate. My eyes aren the youngest or best anymore but the text size on the 2s is way too small in many screens either way. So another plus for the VA 4s. I am undecided. I love the new sensors and health snapshot and sleep tracking, but just wish it was better and more thoughts into designing screens, settings etc. from garrmin. I am someone who doesn't need a smartwatch but a fitness watch. Would have bought the F245 if it had more sensors. Maybe I should keep the 4s till Fenix 7or small FR with many sensors is released...