Garmin Stress/Body Battery Ecosystem

Anyone know why Garmin would go out of their way to make their "Stress" and "Body Battery" pretty much useless by not incorporating Edge Cycling head units?

In garmin connect you can see the cycling activity in the timeline, but stress says "unmeasurable", yet I used an Edge 830 device. How can a company do such an idiotic thing? Wouldnt  you think that by buying a Garmin Watch (Venu 2) and an Edge 830, that they would speak to each other in the connect app and allow you to get a well rounded and total fitness metric?

Am I missing something? Now I understand why people are buying Whoops even though they also own garmin watches and head units...

  • Yep!... Just bought the new Venu 2, and still trying to figure out how to use it along side my Edge 830... I can't believe how disjointed the whole Garmin ecosystem still is!!

    So from what I can gather, each device needs to have both features in order for them to speak together.... So the Venu 2 has body battery and stress, but the Edge doesn't... So nope!  Equally the Edge has performance training metrics that the Venu 2 doesn't... So no joy there either! 

    But even if you just want to record intensity minutes or stress, without recording an activity... Something seems a miss!  Today I did a ride with the Edge 830 recording the activity - power meter,  chest HR etc but just wore the venu 2 doing nothing... It reckons I did 259 intensity minutes! Joy  even though I only cycled for about 140 minutes!!... And did nothing before this ride!

    Perhaps I need to record the activity on the Venu also, but then just delete it after.... Who knows?!

    Garmin really need to sort it out... 2 premium devices, yet no joined up thinking. 

  • even though I only cycled for about 140 minutes!!

    Intensity minutes start counting double once your heart rate exceeds a certain level. Consult the manual for details.

    And as for body battery and stress, these work on your venu even if you don't record an activity. So in your case a simple usage scenario is to record your rides with your edge device, and just wear your venu, without recording an activity on it.