Heart Rate Range Alert

I currently have a Venu and setting up the HR range alert hasn't worked. Whether in an activity or automatically.  Does. Not. Work. And I can't work out why.

Have any of you set up this feature in the Venu 2? Does it work? What alert do you actually get?

  • Are you talking about alerts when moving from one heart rate zone to another? I can't find that setting. If you tell me where it is, I'll try it.

  • https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/GUID-D93137A9-B374-4A24-8A4D-A66C9AC91265/EN-US/GUID-46450946-24A7-45C1-8CCE-569E379D9600.html

    Settings - Wrist Heart Rate - Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts - (record low and high) - the instructions indicate that I would get a vibration or sound or at least something on my screen that warns me. :)

  • Yes, you should get a vibration and a message on the screen. I had one of those not too long ago so I know they work on my watch. The watch must detect you've been inactive for at least 10 minutes, then achieved the elevated or reduced heart rate, before giving the notification.

  • Ok thanks, so do you mean that I must be 10 mins inactive directly before HR spike, or do you mean 10 mins inactive before I commence exercise that will test the upper limit of the range I set?  I'll adjust my range variables in that case.  Might sill not work as I can get tachycardic due to being asthmatic, so that may skew my 10 mins inactive stage lol. I pulled the trigger and bought one, the other features look great and a large upgrade from my Venu.  Now to patiently wait 10 days for it to arrive. Sigh.  Yay for living remotely.

  • I'd say the first one you mentioned. I don't believe the abnormal heart rate alerts will be triggered at all during an activity based on the description in Connect. They would only be used when you're not active.

    There are separate alerts that can happen during activities. I've never used one of those. On the watch, you can go to the activity, add a new alert, and set your heart rate thresholds from there. I'm not sure which one you want but it sounds more like this activity-based alert.

  • Hmm interesting. Do you mean inactive as inert? As in if I'm sitting down watching TV and my HR spikes or drops?

    Or do you mean anything where I have not activated an Activity? If it's this one then it doesn't work.

    In activity makes sense, I'll try and see what I can tweek when I get the Venu 2 (that has just been shipped). My Venu is a little hard to navigate for things like that. And the damned thing is flat again. I wonder if the software updates are making the battery struggle, which is one of the reasons I'm upgrading.

  • Yes, as in you're not doing anything and there's no activity being tracked on the watch. I think that's the purpose of the abnormal heart rate alerts, to alert you when you're not doing an activity.

    I went into the settings of the walk activity and set up an alert for a specific heart rate zone. Then I went for my walk and it did notify me when I entered that zone, and kept notifying until I left that zone. The notification was a vibration and my heart rate displayed on screen. 

  • Thank you so much for doing that and reporting back, really appreciated.

    I understand the logic now; irregular heartbeat - the answer is in the name 

    That there are alerts in the activity itself is great. I'm glad I made the purchase now.

    Thanks for all your help :)

  • You're welcome. Hope you enjoy the watch!