What exactly is this " Training Metrics"

That the Venu 2 doesn't have , what will I be missing ?  So many different terminologies with these smart/fitness watches

it gets confusing, so please explain like I'm a 5 year old, thanks.

  • Thanks for the links. 

    I'm so disappointed Garmin doesn't have this in the Venu 2 , it's a $400 watch (before taxes),

    what were they thinking to omit such a crucial/important feature.

    Think I have to start researching another company, so disappointed in you Garmin !

  • So according to Garmin website manual for the Venu 2 it only has step count/distance, intensity minutes, floors climbed, calories , and sleep statistics which is called "Training Effect ". 

    "Training Effects" isn't the same as full "Training Metrics" that other watches offer for less cost.

    Sorry , but for $400+ (taxes) I would expect more. I can get more metrics in other watch brands for way less

    than $400. Wake up Garmin before Chinese companies destroy you, I don't want to see this happening .

    PS: Garmin, you could've knocked it out of the park with this watch ,you almost did.

  • Then it’s pretty simple, buy some other brand if you get more features for less money

  • Always a miserable person  with a snide remark who has nothing to offer, then proceeds to down vote anyone who

    disagrees with it.  

  • I think—and this is just my theory—Garmin realizes that a device w/ brilliant AMOLED, strong battery life, and all the advanced training stats would instantly render the entire Forerunner line obsolete. Add maps and a few more cosmetic activity profiles and the Fenix line is obsolete as well. They’re not willing to hollow out sales on all of their other products.

    What they could do is offer a “Venu 2 PRO” or something that includes all the Firstbeat analytics. They would have to charge at least as much as their most expensive Forerunner though to avoid undercutting themselves.

  • I agree , a pro model Venu 2 would've been a good idea for their AMOLED  line up . They've kind of boxed themselves in with AMOLED watches with less features by not wanting to compete with their higher price watches with more features. 

    Majority of the market wants touch screen watches , that's just the way it is, Garmin needs to respond to the market with pro AMOLED watches loaded with specs or get left behind by some other big brands out there who are pushing the envelope .

    I almost bought a Fenix 6 pro last year, but they had problems with accurate HR and sleep analytics at the time (among other things )so I passed. I will gladly pay for a AMOLED Fenix 6 version with the improved HR/SA with all the bells and whistles metrics.

    Plus Garmin has too many watches in their line up, they need to shrink it down .

    PS: Not sure this even possible but how about a bare bone watch where you pay / download the features you want .