Venu 2s not reconnecting to phone when returning in range again

I'm seeing a problem with my Venu 2s and my Samsung Galaxy S9+, that I never saw with my Venu 1. 

If I get up and leave the room where my phone is, getting out of bluetooth range, when I return to the same location as my phone, my watch is not automatically reconnecting.  I've tried rebooting both my phone and my watch, and that doesn't seem to help, it still won't reconnect when I'm back in range of my phone until I open the Garmin Connect app and press the Sync icon. 

Anyone else having this issue?  It is quite a bother to have to force the reconnect so that I resume getting notifications on my watch. 

  • Happened to me last week, I was in the gym and I leave my phone in the locker (don't want any distractions) and after I got back in range, I had to do a manual sync like you said to be able to get notifications again... Did not observe the issue since, I will have more training sessions this week and see if it happens again... 

    After all, it is a new watch, there ought to be some bugs in the software... Stuck out tongue What's more annoying for me is how the notifications are handled (other watches from competitors were way better at it...).

  •  I had that happen once that I can remember.

    What are your issues with notifications? I'd like to be able to see the video snippets from my Nest camera notifications, and be able to create a response to a text message rather than only using canned responses.